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A few notes for your Friday evening

I hope you’re enjoying this pleasant Friday evening. Before going out to enjoy a little relaxation, consider the following nuggets.

  • In the “not necessarily good news for Alabama” category is the commitment of Georgia linebacker Vic Beasley. The son of former Auburn free safety Victor Beasley chose Clemson over Alabama in a Friday news conference. To see video of the announcement, click here. (The interruption of the school announcement is the best part)
  • As posted earlier in the day, tickets are still available for the FIU and UT-Chattanooga games. I checked the Web site a little bit ago and tickets appeared to still be available.
  • The Sports Illustrated college football edition landed in my mailbox the other day and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. That used to be the one and only publication I referenced when gauging preseason expectations, but that can’t be said anymore. Unlike the other magazines that dedicate entire editions to the look-a-head, SI only used a portion of this week’s version to talk football.
  • Oh yeah, they ranked Alabama 8th — behind No. 6 Ole Miss which landed on the regional cover sent to the southern states. They picked Florida (No. 1 overall) to beat the Rebels in the SEC Championship Game and the Tide to play in the Capital One Bowl vs. Iowa.
  • Auburn was ranked 65th and picked to play UTEP in the Liberty Bowl.
  • Click here and here for links to SI coverage.

Enjoy your weekend and stick with the Bama Blog and the print edition of the paper for coverage from Saturday’s scrimmage.

Tide tickets still available

Alabama sent out a release this morning about the availability of tickets for two of the home football games this season.

You can still get tickets for the Sept. 12 home-opener with Florida International and the Nov. 21 home finale with UT-Chattanooga. The surplus came after the visitors could not sell their allotment.

The other four home dates are sold out.

If you want to get your hands on those extra tickets, check out the official athletics Web site, rolltide.com or call (205) 348-BAMA.

A little extra on Tiffin story

Most of the time when you read a story in the paper, there is a lot more information that needs to be chopped off a story to fit the space limitations of print.

But online, the space is endless!

So here are a few extra quotes from Leigh Tiffin that didn’t make it into today’s paper but were still interesting enough to pass along.

On Nick Saban’s “assassin” quote:
“He’s told me that before … I think that’s a very accurate description of the mindset a kicker has to have because you only get one chance. These other guys get three downs and they aren’t scrutinized in the same fashion. They are just judge a little differently, but that’s the nature of it.”

When asked if he’d ever watched Buffalo Bill kicker Scott Norwood’s famous last second field goal miss in Super Bowl XXV (or 25 for the non Romans):
“Is that the guy who kicked for the Bills? I was thinking about that the other day. I feel bad for the guy because he probably never overcame that stigma. … If you don’t want to live with that, then you shouldn’t really (be a kicker).”

(Please note Tiffin was only 2-years-old when Norwood’s kick sailed wide right to give the Giants their second of three Super Bowl rings)

On the mental aspect of kicking:
“Sometimes it can be a little over-rated. Now-a-days, people tell you that you can think your way out of anything.

McClain a Heisman candidate?

Rolando McClain certainly has plenty of expectations heading into the fall, but this is a new one. A poll on the ESPN Web site asks fans to rank the top 11 candidates for the Heisman.

And the linebacker from Decatur is on the list. Click here to find the poll.

SPOILER ALERT: McClain is currently 11th of 11 in the fan voting with 41,041 points while Texas’ Colt McCoy leads with 119.448 votes (as of 11:45 p.m. Thursday).