Saban addresses the lack of raise for Jeff Stoutland

All but one Alabama football assistant coach received a raise yesterday. It’s hard to ignore the issues surrounding the one who didn’t get the pay bump.

Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, who just completed his first season, has unresolved issues. Remember the Yahoo Sports story about possible recruiting violations at Miami?

Stoutland was on staff in Coral Gables when the allegations took place and was mentioned in the report.

Nick Saban addressed the issue when asked about it yesterday.

“I think as a university we make decisions because we think it’s the right thing to do,” Saban said. “In the future, I think Jeff Stoutland deserves to get a raise based on the merit of the work that he’s done here, but I also think it wouldn’t be smart on our part to ignore other things that have happened. So, it is what it is.”

The NCAA has not announced any sanctions against Miami or the individual coaches who were allegedly involved in the potential violations.

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