UPDATED: Chance Warmack’s short jersey

If you’ve watched Alabama’s games on television and noticed Tide offensive lineman Chance Warmack‘s jersey ride up his stomach, that’s not because the team can’t find anything that fits him.

It’s anything but that. Warmack is big — 6-foot-3 and 320 pounds. But he’s not too big to fit into a jersey.

Speaking with reporters after practice Wednesday evening, Warmack said he likes the short jersey, even if that means he reveals his stomach on national television every once in a while.

“I started (wearing the short jersey) last year around midseason,” Warmack said. “It was comfortable for me. I’m not trying to draw any attention to myself. I just feel comfortable like that. I do it in practice; I do it in the game. That’s just how I like to do it.”

UDPATE: If you haven’t seen what we mean by Warmack’s jersey riding up, here’s a photo click here. We don’t have the rights to it, so I can’t publish it here, but I can direct you to it.

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