D.J. Fluker: Alabama’s friendly neighborhood giant

We’ve posted about this before, but if Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker isn’t the friendliest guy on the team, then it must be somebody who hasn’t gone near the Crimson Tide media room.

Nobody seems more upbeat than Fluker. He always has a smile and a laugh, and whether it’s five reporters in the media room or 55, he always shakes everyone’s hand when he leaves. And, yes, the 6-foot-6, 335-pound Fluker has huge, huge hands. His teammates say none of this surprises them.

Apparently, people on campus are starting to chat up Fluker more these days, too. He said people recognize him more often and speak to him, which is more than fine with him.

“It’s a whole lot more now,” he said. “It’s pretty neat that people walk by, ‘Hey, Fluke, how you doin’?’ ” he said. “I speak back.”

He added that he says something back because he wants to be humble and friendly.

“I do it because people love it,” he said.

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