Julio Jones sticks up for Alabama on Dan Patrick Show

The Atlanta Falcons’ Julio Jones (11) runs past the grasp of the Dallas Cowboys’ Gerald Sensabaugh (43) on Nov. 4. (AP photo by Rich Addicks)

Dan Patrick interviews athletes about as well as any radio or television show host around. He’s especially good at getting them to drop their guard and engage in a little fun give-and-take.

He did that with former Alabama All-America reciever Julio Jones recently, as Jones came on the show joking with Patrick, “I got a problem with you.”

The problem: Patrick has no Alabama helmet on the set of “The Dan Patrick Show,” in which plenty of sports memorabilia is placed in the background, including some college football helmets.

Patrick said he has Notre Dame, Georgia and Kansas State and would put up an Alabama helmet if he had one. Jones said he could make that happen for Patrick.

Here’s the whole segment. It’s 7:25 long. Patrick and Jones talk about Alabama for about the first four minutes. Then it’s on to discussion of Jones’ current team, the Atlanta Falcons. In the last 30 seconds or so, it’s back to Alabama and Patrick wanting Jones to get him a Tide helmet:

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