Links from Derrick Henry’s record night

Alabama commitment Derrick Henry broke the career high school rushing record, and if you’re a regular reader of The Daily Bama Blog, you’ve followed along with his progress this fall.

Here’s the story from last night’s game by his hometown paper, The Florida Times-Union: click here.

A quote from the story from former record holder Ken Hall:

“I’m glad for him,” said Hall, 76, from his Fredericksburg, Texas home shortly after being told Henry had broken his record.

“I’ve always said, when it’s broken, I hope they will honor it, be humble about it and realize that they alone didn’t do it. I don’t know [Henry] that well, but from what he said on the phone, he seems like a nice young man. You don’t have a choice in that matter [of who breaks the record], you sure hope he’s made of the right material, and I think that he is.”

Also, click here for the Times-Union’s photo gallery from the game.

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