Thoughts from Tuesday’s Alabama practice

Guess who usually parks in this space?

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — Yes, that’s a photo of an empty parking space above.

It caused a bit of confusion today while waiting for the Crimson Tide to open the gates so we could enter practice. Nick Saban parks in that spot. Always. And since August, I’ve never seen that space empty. Never.

Apparently, he’s getting his car worked on, because he was at practice today as usual, wearing the same straw hat he always does.

Alabama practiced outside in full pads, and everything went as you might expect. All the injured players practice. Wide receiver Kevin Norwood (leg) and Kenny Bell (foot) didn’t sit out any of the drills that we saw during our viewing period. Cornerback John Fulton (turf toe) went through drills, too. Running back T.J. Yeldon (ankle) looked fine, but then again, Saban said after the freshman was hurt Saturday that it wasn’t serious.

On the scout team, it’s typical for players to wear the jersey number of the primary players for the other team. This week, that means at least three guys are wearing No. 80 for Auburn’s Emory Blake, who leads the Tigers with 47 catches. Even freshman Chris Black, who rejoined practice three weeks ago, is wearing No. 80 instead of his customary No. 5.

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