Saban: Nobody has called to interview any Tide staff members

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — With the regular season coming to a close and plenty of jobs opening up, plenty of speculation has centered on Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart, but Nick Saban said nobody has called to ask to interview one of his staff members.

“But if they do, I always talk to the person and let them know that somebody’s expressed interest,” Saban said.

Saban said he has a policy about staff members moving on to better jobs.

“We want our assistant coaches to be able to fulfill the goals and aspirations that they have,” he said. “The reason that they do a good job for you is so that they may create an opportunity for themselves to be a head coach, unless somebody just doesn’t want to be a head coach. I was that way when I was an assistant.

“That’s really what I want people to want, to have a goal and an aspiration and work hard to achieve it and accomplish it. I’m always in a position to try to help them do what they would like to do. I think there’s a balance between being able to do that and not affecting the chances and opportunities that we have as a team, relative to what we’re trying to do right now. I think that most of the guys that I’ve ever had to deal with in the past have been very professional about that.”

Smart, 36, a former Georgia defensive back, has served as Saban’s defensive coordinator at Alabama since 2007. He won the Frank Broyles Award in 2009 as the nation’s top assistant coach. this year, he won the AFCA FBS Assistant Coach Award, which honors someone for on- and off-the-field work.

Smart coached running backs at Georgia in 2005 before working for Saban in 2006 as the Miami Dolphins’ safeties coach. He also coached defensive backs for Saban at LSU in 2004.

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