Countdown: One day until the BCS National Championship Game

Each day until the BCS National Championship Game, Daily Bama Blog contributor Brett Hudson will count down to kickoff, giving us bits and pieces of that day’s significance to Alabama and Notre Dame. Today is one day until the game, which means Brett is examining the number “one.”

–Both Alabama and Notre Dame have one kickoff return for a touchdown on the season. Alabama’s came from Christion Jones, which wiped away the only lead of the game for Ole Miss in a mere 15 seconds.

–Notre Dame is No. 1 in the nation in points allowed with 10.3. Alabama comes in second with 10.7.

–Alabama has gone for a 2-point conversion twice, getting it once. Alabama’s successful attempt came with 4:29 left in the third quarter against Georgia, as T.J. Yeldon ran in for 2 to give Alabama a 21-18 lead after Yeldon scored the touchdown on
a 10-yard run.

–Alabama has had one opponent go for two, unsuccessfully. Texas A&M tried to take a 31-17 lead with 8:37 left, but was held short.

–Alabama earned only one first down in the first quarter of the Texas A&M game. After that first down, the Tide punted three plays later.

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