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Upshaw a starter for Ravens

Because of injuries, former Alabama star Courtney Upshaw is labeled a starter at linebacker for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens.

According to a Baltimore Sun report, Upshaw is doing well during his first NFL training camp. The Ravens took him in the second round of this past spring’s draft.

Something not covering in that report is Upshaw’s slow start to training camp earlier this week. He failed his first try at the conditioning test Monday but passed it later in the day. Apparently, that hasn’t slowed him down.

Upshaw ordered to anger management

Domestic violence charges against Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw and his ex-girlfriend were officially dropped when they complete anger management classes.

Upshaw and his Kendall Lynn Grzyb, both 19, were in Tuscaloosa County District Court Wednesday dealing with the next step in the legal process that began with the Aug. 19 on-campus argument that turned physical.

Read more about the case in Thursday’s paper.

Video: Wednesday afternoon practice

Here are two more of my very raw videos from practice. First up, the defensive lineman. See if you can figure out which 355-pounder was not out there during the media viewing period.

Next, check out linebackers’ coach Sal Sunseri work with his unit. Courtney Upshaw (No. 41) is closest to the camera.

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Linebacker Courtney Upshaw arrested

There aren’t many details available yet, but several news outlets are reporting the arrest of Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw, 19, on charges of domestic violence and harassment.

Read more here, here and here.

Check back later as more details emerge. Coach Nick Saban has a regularly scheduled news conference set for this afternoon.