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Video Gallery: Alabama in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft

Below, we have compiled videos from the three former Alabama players selected in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.


Cornerback Dee Milliner

You can click here to see Milliner’s name called as the No. 9 overall pick, on his way to the New York Jets. You can also see some highlights of Milliner’s post-draft interviews by clicking here, and then another in the video below.

ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay went in-detail with the Tennessee Titans decision to draft Chance Warmack.

Finally, you can click here to see the video of D.J. Fluker being drafted by the San Diego Chargers.

Also, Chargers general manager Tom Telesco and head coach Mike McCoy go over the decision to draft Fluker.

Alabama makes history in the NFL Draft

Former Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner after being drafted 9th overall by the New York Jets. (AP photo)

Former Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner after being drafted 9th overall by the New York Jets. (AP photo)

“The Process Realized, Nick Saban.” That was the signature on the “Not If, But When” posters released by UA as a promotion for its players on NFL Draft Day.

As it has in several NFL Drafts in the last four years, Alabama made history and made itself the first school to have players taken back-to-back-to-back in the first round. Cornerback Dee Milliner went No. 9 to the New York Jets, offensive guard Chance Warmack went No. 10 to the Tennessee Titans and offensive tackle D.J. Fluker went No. 11 to the San Diego Chargers.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban likes where Milliner is headed, to a team that desperately needs him after trading away star cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Bucs.

“I think it is a great opportunity for Dee,” Saban said. “Rex Ryan does a lot of the same stuff that we do in terms of how they play in the secondary and what they do. I think Dee will fit right in, they do a lot of stuff, and he is a smart guy. I think it is a good fit for him.”

Fluker found a similarly-beneficial situation, going to the Chargers where he can contend immediately for a starting job.

“The run on tackles early on with three going in the first four picks, really helped D.J.,” Saban said. “It is great place for him to have that opportunity. San Diego is a good organization and a great place to live. I think he will do a really good job as well.”

Saban praised Warmack’s ability to fit into any situation and not hoping for a specific team to pick him up.

“Chance would have been a good player anywhere,” Saban said. “There aren’t many guys that are as powerful as he is, and plays with the kind of consistency that he plays with. I kind of knew those two guys were going to be picked right in there, and I was happy it happened that way. It is a great pick for Tennessee.”

Alabama 2013 Pro Day: Nick Saban’s comments

Alabama head coach Nick Saban meeting with the ESPN broadcaster during Alabama's Pro Day on Wednesday. (Copyright photo by Brett Hudson)

Alabama head coach Nick Saban meeting with the ESPN broadcaster during Alabama’s Pro Day on Wednesday. (Copyright photo by Brett Hudson)

Alabama head coach Nick Saban took a few minutes to meet with media members during the Pro Day festivities to discuss the goings-on. Here are some of his comments transcribed for you.

On the SEC’s ability to produce great players: I think the fact that, I may be off in my numbers, but I read somewhere that 70 guys came out early for the draft this year and 40 of them came out of our league. That’s an indication of the quality of players we have and the quality competition and the fact that we had six teams in the BCS top 10 at the end of the season is another indication of the great programs we have and the great competition we have in our league, which certainly helps develop players, I think. We’re extremely pleased and happy with the quality of players we have. Not only how well they’ve done in the draft, but more importantly how well they do with their career. Everybody’s focused on where a guy gets drafted. Really the most important thing is what kind of career he had. What kind of consistency and performance he had when you get an opportunity. That’s what we try to stress with our players.

On preparing players mentally for Pro Day: I think it goes right along with the way we try to get our players mentally ready to compete. The focus that you need to have, the mental toughness you have to have, the ability to lock on to whatever the circumstance is and the perseverance you have to have to be able to overcome little adversities that always crop up, whether you’re playing at Missouri and it’s pouring down rain, you get 40 minutes in the locker room in the middle of the game. Whatever it is, you have to be able to respond to those things. A lot of times, we all spend a lot of time figuring out how can we make it perfect for these guys? Well, most of the time it doesn’t happen perfectly, so to be able to have an expectation that things may go wrong here and I have to focus and stay focused even in those circumstances, I think really helps guys when it comes to things like this.

On Jesse Williams’ performance: I think that’s what people look for, guys that have size but are athletic and have initial quickness and some power and can run and finish on the quarterback and run ball-carriers down. I think that’s what defensive players need to be. I think Jesse certainly is a guy I hope people don’t misinterpret because I’ve heard this from people that he works out well, but he played really well for us and he’s going to continue to get better because he has more upside because he doesn’t have the same background of growing up as a football player like a lot of players we have in our program.

On a spot for Michael Williams with shifting offenses in the NFL: I don’t think there’s any question about it. The game has changed some to where people play more four wideouts, maybe they have athletic tight ends and the trend is to flex them out. I still think most NFL teams, at some point in time, know the importance of running the ball, probably even more than college teams do. I think it’s difficult to run it if you don’t have a good tight end and Michael is certainly a good blocking tight end.

On Chance Warmack’s NFL potential: I just think that Chance has unique skill set and he’s got really good size, he’s very powerful, he’s athletic, he’s got good feet, he can pass block and he can get moving in the run game. I think people that have his kind of balance and body control and the kind of athleticism that he has at his size are rare commodities. Everybody knows that those guys play 12, 14, 15 years. I think Chance has a chance to have that kind of career.

Alabama 2013 Pro Day: Fluker proves his showman personality

Former Alabama offensive linemen Chance Warmack and D.J. Fluker at Alabama's Pro Day on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of UA Athletics)

Former Alabama offensive linemen Chance Warmack and D.J. Fluker at Alabama’s Pro Day on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of UA Athletics)

Former Alabama offensive lineman D.J. Fluker was in an uncomfortable situation as the Crimson Tide’s Pro Day is coming to a close. Just a few inches away from his face was a very familiar one, one that was always an ally, until now.

He was trying to shove former offensive lineman Chance Warmack out of his way in order to impress NFL scouts.

“I mean he’s a good teammate, I’m always trying to push him and get better,” Fluker said. “That’s the main thing. Every time we go at it, we’re always trying to push each other.”

That was the only odd spot Fluker found himself in, as he thoroughly enjoyed taking a break from the everyday training to go through drills.

“I enjoy coming out here and putting on a show for everybody,” Fluker said. “That’s me, high energy guy. High intensity, baby. That’s what I tell everybody.”

Fluker’s performance in the Pro Day has some experts pegging him as a first round talent, despite Fluker’s relative indifference to his draft position.

It’s not even crossing his mind.

“Sometimes, but you know, I just want to go to a good team,” Fluker said.

Barrett Jones was yet another former Alabama offensive lineman that was in Tuscaloosa for the Crimson Tide’s Pro Day. Click here to read more about Jones’ experience.

Alabama 2013 Pro Day: Other Drills (video)

Former Alabama safety Robert Lester running in the three-cone drill at Alabama's Pro Day on Wednesday. (Copyright photo by Brett Hudson)

Former Alabama safety Robert Lester running in the three-cone drill at Alabama’s Pro Day on Wednesday. (Copyright photo by Brett Hudson)

We have attached more video from Wednesday’s Pro Day, this time of other drills done by the athletes.

For more video from Alabama’s Pro Day, click here to see some 40-yard dash attempts and click here to read about Jesse Williams and his Pro Day workout, a post that includes video.

You can read more about Fluker’s Pro Day by clicking here.

Mel Kiper’s opinion of Barrett Jones improves

Alabama offensive lineman Barrett Jones (75) is a three-time Associated Press All-American. (AP photo by Butch Dill, File)

Alabama offensive lineman Barrett Jones (75) is a three-time Associated Press All-American. (AP photo by Butch Dill, File)

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. likes the versatility of Alabama All-America center Barrett Jones but isn’t listing him as a first-round choice for this year’s NFL draft.

“Obviously he has the injury to deal with. He’s in the second-round discussion,” Kiper said this morning in an ESPN conference call.

Kiper listed Jones as a third- or fourth-round possibility in a November conference call with reporters.

Kiper ranks Jones as the No. 2 center nationally behind Wisconsin’s Travis Frederick. Jones had surgery after the BCS National Championship Game to repair torn ligaments in his foot and will miss most pre-draft workouts.

Jones also played guard and tackle at Alabama: “Jones can played anywhere you want on the offensive line,” Kiper said.

Kiper lists Alabama’s D.J. Fluker as the “top guy at right tackle.”

The question surrounding Fluker before the season concerned his pass-protection abilities, but Kiper said Fluker answered that.

“I thought in pass protection this year did a great job,” he said. “I thought he held up a lot better in pass protection than I thought he would.”

As for Alabama guard Chance Warmack, Kiper said it’s possible he could go as high as sixth to Cleveland or seventh to Arizona. The last time Alabama had a guard go that high in the draft was John Hannah, an All-Pro who went fourth in 1973 to New England.

Kiper has Tide cornerback Dee Milliner going fourth to the Philadelphia Eagles, calling him the “elite corner” in the draft.

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More mock drafts that love the Crimson Tide

Alabama had four guys taken in the first round of the last two NFL drafts, and NFL.com is predicting it will happen again.

NFL.com has four experts giving their prediction for the first round, and while all four are listing four Alabama guys getting the call, they can’t agree on which four.

All four are predicting guard Chance Warmack and cornerback Dee Milliner will go in the first round. But Bucky Brooks adds offensive tackle D.J. Fluker and noseguard Jesse Williams to the list. Daniel Lewis has Williams and running back Eddie Lacy in the first round.

Charles Davis is adding Fluker and Lacy, and Gil Brandt has Williams and center Barrett Jones.

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Another mock NFL draft, with respect for Chance Warmack’s belly

Chance Warmack (65) after helping spring T.J. Yeldon (4) with a block against Notre Dame. (AP photo)

Chance Warmack (65) after helping spring T.J. Yeldon (4) with a block against Notre Dame. (AP photo)

SB Nation has included four Alabama players in its mock NFL draft and pay homage to Alabama guard Chance Warmack‘s short, belly-showing jerseys. The editors did so by linking back to The Daily Bama Blog.

SB Nation predicts Tide cornerback Dee Milliner will go to Tampa Bay with the 13th pick, noseguard Jesse Williams to Carolina at No. 14, Warmack to St. Louis at No. 16, and center Barrett Jones to Green Bay at No. 26. In addition, the draft includes 17 guys from the Southeastern Conference, including 11 of the top 19.

SB Nation’s Dan Kadar particularly likes Warmack and says he could be gone long before the 16th pick. Here’s what he wrote: “This is a pick that stayed the same from the last mock. If Warmack happens to be around when the Rams pick, they should set a land speed record for getting their pick to the commissioner’s podium. Plug Warmack into the left guard position, get him an extra short, stomach-showing jersey and forget about the position for a decade.”

Click here to see the predicted first round.

Speaking with reporters after practice in October, Warmack said he likes the short jersey, even if that means he reveals his stomach on national television every once in a while.

“I started (wearing the short jersey) last year around midseason,” Warmack said. “It was comfortable for me. I’m not trying to draw any attention to myself. I just feel comfortable like that. I do it in practice; I do it in the game. That’s just how I like to do it.”

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Opinion: Hype not a distraction for Crimson Tide

Barrett Jones speaks to reporters at the airport. (Copyright photo by Gary Cosby Jr. of The Decatur Daily)

Alabama team captain Barrett Jones speaks to reporters at Miami International Airport. (Copyright photo by Gary Cosby Jr. of The Decatur Daily)

MIAMI — How has Alabama handled the crush of hype for the BCS National Championship Game? Chance Warmack’s smile answered that.

Let’s back up for a moment until we get to the smile.

As Alabama’s charter flight took off from Tuscaloosa, two bus loads of reporters pulled into Miami International Airport to wait for the Crimson Tide to touch down, which it did at about 4:25 p.m. Miami time. Those waiting included about 25 volunteers and workers with the Orange Bowl committee, which is in charge of organizing this year’s national title game.

Even the Miami International Airport’s director of security, Lauren Stover, waited. She had her own camera crew following her around. The Travel Channel’s reality show “Airport 24/7: Miami” tracked her every move, and if you stumbled near her, somebody with the show would run up and get you to sign a release. (I didn’t do that, but a few of my colleagues did and looked a little shellshocked at the experience).

When the team filed off the plane, Tide head coach Nick Saban spoke to that gaggle of reporters for about five minutes. Then came the team captains: Barrett Jones, Damion Square and Warmack.

Everbody was outside, and with noise from the buses, the airplanes moving around, and the wind, the reporters packed closely around each player so they could hear. So what does Warmack do when he sees all these faces and cameras ready to crowd around him as tightly as a defensive line trying to close down every possible gap?

He just smiles and says, “Heeeyyyy!” Then he answers questions as easily as if about 50 old friends just happened to come invade his personal space on the airport’s tarmac.

A pack of reporters? Heck, these Alabama players have been there, done that and answered every possible question about it.

Hype? They know all about hype. The seniors have made the BCS National Championship Game three times in four years. They’ve helped Alabama win 48 of its past 53 games.

The non-seniors have played a part in plenty of Crimson Tide wins, too.

More importantly, they’ve played a part in big games that drew plenty of attention.

Alabama played in four of the six highest rated regular-season games this year, including against Georgia at No. 1 on the list (9.8 Neilsen rating), LSU at No. 3 (6.8), Texas A&M at No. 4 (6.6) and Michigan at No. 6 (4.8).

The Crimson Tide played in the highest-rated bowl game last year against LSU and the highest-rated regular season game, also against LSU. In 2010, the highest-rated regular-season game was Alabama vs. Auburn. In 2009, the season’s highest-rated game was Alabama’s win over Texas for the national championship.

When reporters asked Saban about the experience factor during his own media session on the tarmac, he declined to make much of it. He did as he often does with those questions — turned back to the old Michael Jordan quote he likes.

“He said it doesn’t matter how many game-winning shots you’ve made in the past,” Saban said. “What matters is the next one.”

But he did concede this much: “Since (the players) have been there before, they might be able to handle the distractions better.”

Notre Dame enters this one as just about the polar opposite. The Irish haven’t won a national title since 1988 or played in a game of real national significance this late in the season since 1993.

Still, if you want a comparison that goes in Notre Dame’s favor, consider the Sugar Bowl 20 years ago. Unbeaten Alabama hadn’t played a game of real significance in a long time (just like Notre Dame now), and Miami entered having won two of the previous three titles and an overwhelming favorite for another (just like Alabama now). Alabama won that one by three touchdowns.

But Saban is guarding against being too comfortable with the hype, too. After all, if he has used that Jordan quote so often with reporters, imagine how often the team has heard it.

In addition, the over-confident, too-relaxed Miami players 20 years ago weren’t saying anything like Jones did when he got off the plane Wednesday:

“People ask me all the time if you get tired of playing for a national championship,” he said. “Of course not. Every game is a little different, and this one is going to be a big challenge for us.”

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We’re in South Florida and ready for the Crimson Tide to join us

Our view as we go to baggage claim at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Heading to baggage claim at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — We landed in South Florida this evening, ready to cover Alabama’s arrival Wednesday and the Crimson Tide’s week leading up to the BCS National Championship Game.

The Alabama team will arrive at the Miami International Airport on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. Central time, and minutes after the Crimson Tide gets off the plane, Nick Saban and several players will meet with reporters. Notre Dame gets in Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. Central time at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The news conference begin Thursday morning, as offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier, quarterback AJ McCarron, center Barrett Jones, guard Chance Warmack, receiver Kevin Norwood, and running back Eddie Lacy will speak with reporters.

Warmack, in particular, has a warm personality, and it should be fun to see the non-Alabama reporters get a chance to hear from him. I would think they’ll like him a lot. The other four are great, too, which is why the Crimson Tide staff selected them to come, but Warmack just has an easy, relaxed way about him that seems to make him pleasant to interview.

Nussmeier hasn’t spoken to reporters since August. Saban doesn’t allow his assistant coaches to address the media except in rare circumstances. The BCS National Championship Game organizers require the teams to make their the offensive and defensive coordinators available to reporters.

Here is his opening statement from when he spoke to reporters Aug. 5:

“Just want to say how fortunate I feel to be here, be a part of the Alabama history and tradition. This is a special place. When I had the opportunity to come here, we sat down and talked about it as a family, it really was a great, great opportunity. An opportunity to get back in the South, where my wife’s from. We spent quite a bit of time in New Orleans, so to get back and see family and friends it’s been great. To get the opportunity to work with this coaching staff, especially Coach Saban, this offensive staff, it’s been a great opportunity. I’m really looking forward to the season.”

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Alabama’s BCS media guide front cover

Front cover.

The front cover.

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — The Crimson Tide has put pictures of its three permanent captains on its media guide cover: guard Chance Warmack, defensive end Damion Square and center Barrett Jones.

All three are seniors. On the back, Alabama has photos of quarterback AJ McCarron and running back Eddie Lacy. Both are juniors.

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As Tide returns to work today, trio soak in team captain honor

Damion Square (92) is one of Alabama's three permanent team captains. (Copyright photo by Gary Cosby Jr. of The Decatur Daily)

Damion Square (92) is one of Alabama’s three permanent team captains. (Copyright photo by Gary Cosby Jr. of The Decatur Daily)

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — ‘Tis the season for postseason college football honors, and Alabama has wracked up plenty, including All-America, All-Southeastern Conference and individual awards.

Maybe nobody has taken in a greater haul that senior center Barrett Jones, a three-time All-American, a four-time academic All-American, the Rimington Trophy as the nation’s top center and the Campbell Trophy as college football’s top academic star.

But his teammates gave him something last week he values even more: permanent team captain. Defensive end Damion Square and offensive guard Chance Warmack joined him when the Tide players voted for their choices last week.

When Alabama returns from Christmas break for practice today, Jones, Square and Warmack will lead the team exercises at the start of the workout.

“That’s probably the biggest award I’ve ever gotten, being a team captain because it’s elected by your teammates,” Jones said. “It means a lot to be named kind of a leader of the team by your teammates. It’s something that I’m very, very proud of.”

Team captain at Alabama comes with special recognition. Since 1947, the school has memorialized its permanent team captains by having them place prints of their hand and football shoe prints in cement at Denny Chimes, which is located in the heart of the campus.

“I grew up going to look at the hands in the cement at Denny Chimes and it’ll be cool to be a part of that,” said Jones, who briefly considered heading to the NFL after last season. “So that’s really a big reason I came back is I wanted to be a captain. So I’m very, very pleased that I could achieve that goal.”

It’s a unique honor at Alabama, partly because even some of the greatest, most elite players in Crimson Tide history didn’t achieve it.

Mark Ingram, the school’s only Heisman Trophy winner? Not a team captain. Neither was Julio Jones, now one of the NFL’s top receivers with the Atlanta Falcons.

John Hannah, generally regarded as the NFL’s greatest offensive lineman of the 1970s and ’80s? He didn’t make team captain at Alabama, although his brother, Charles Hannah, did for the Crimson Tide in 1976.

Bart Starr, most valuable player of the first two Super Bowls with the Green Bay Packers? Not a team captain during his time with the Tide in the 1950s.

Neither was Fred Sington, who in 1930 was the school’s first consensus All-American. And for that matter, the legendary Bear Bryant, perhaps college football’s greatest coach, didn’t make team captain as a Tide varsity player in the 1930s.

He played end, while All-American Don Hutson played the other end. Hutson later earned NFL most valuable player honors twice with Green Bay. But not an Alabama team captain, either.

“Being voted team captain shows that my teammates think highly of me. And that’s what you want,” said Square, who didn’t make All-American or even All-SEC. “You come out to practice every day and you try to show good character and be loyal and honest to your teammates throughout these five years, and to have an accomplishment like this … with it or without it, it’s what you come to do. I appreciate the honor that will be around here until the end of time.”

Square added that he’s grateful he’ll be remembered, no matter his statistics or lack of any individual awards. It’s especially meaningful to him because he is captain of a team that will play in the BCS National Championship Game on Jan. 7.

“Everything you do in life, you want to be remembered,” he said. “And that’s one thing I’ll be remembered for … team captain of the team that’s going to play in Miami.”

Warmack, a consensus All-American, said he values the honor because his teammates voted for it.

“That’s all I care about,” he said. “What matters most to me is what my teammates think, because they’re with me 24/7/365. They see me all the time. For them to vote me as a permanent captain really means a lot to me.”

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Thoughts from Thursday’s Alabama football practice

Chance Warmack with the warclub protecting his left hand. (Copyright photo by Brett Hudson)

Chance Warmack with the warclub protecting his left hand. (Copyright photo by Brett Hudson)

Even with the sun shining brightly, Alabama practiced inside its indoor facility today in full pads. The Tide avoided a fierce wind and grounds soaked by Thursday rain.

After missing Wednesday’s workout for personal reasons, secondary coach Jeremy Pruitt returned to practice today. Florida State announced today he has accepted the Seminoles’ defensive coordinator job.

Freshman linebacker Denzell Devall (6-foot-2, 243 pounds) wasn’t at practice during the media viewing period. Reports say he hurt his knee Wednesday, although it apparently isn’t serious.

Alabama guard Chance Warmack is back wearing the protective wrapping that makes his left hand look like a club, although he insists his injured finger is fine. Noseguard Jesse Williams (knee) returned to the practice field after spending two days on the exercise bike, which always looks monotonous.

We watched receivers for much of our viewing period, which lasted for about 16 minutes. The Crimson Tide worked on short routes, including ones in which receivers had to muscle away from a defensive back and immediately catch a pass. Christion Jones seems so good at these types of routes, which he showed with his 22-yard reception in the SEC Championship Game. He stands 5-foot-11, but he seems able to play smaller when needed, and that seems to make him harder to manage for guys covering him close to the line.

We have two videos. The first features the receivers. The second includes a more complete look at practice, and Brett Hudson compiled it.

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Alabama adds to its list of consensus All-America picks

Alabama defensive back Dee Milliner (28) is a unanimous All-American for 2012. (AP photo by LM Otero)

Alabama defensive back Dee Milliner (28) is a unanimous All-American for 2012. (AP photo by LM Otero)

Chance Warmack pulled in plenty of hardware as a Tide senior. (AP photo by Dave Martin)

Chance Warmack pulled in plenty of hardware as a Tide senior. (AP photo by Dave Martin)

Each year, the NCAA compiles a list of consensus All-Americans. The organization takes the most respected All-America lists and combines them for a team of the guys with the most first-team selections. These aren’t just players who got named third team on somebody’s All-America squad or managed one first-team selection. Instead, the consensus All-America team showcases the elite of the elite.

This year, Alabama has four consensus first-team All-Americans, including center Barrett Jones, guard Chance Warmack, defensive back Dee Milliner and linebacker C.J. Mosley. Alabama now has 54 consensus All-America selections. Warmack and Milliner were unanimous picks, and Alabama has 22 of those.

Since 2002, the NCAA has used the All-America teams from The Associated Press, America Football Coaches Association, Football News, Sporting News and Walter Camp Foundation to produce the consensus team.

The NCAA has come up with a consensus team each season since 1889. Here are the Alabama players who have made it. An * means they were a unanimous selection.

1930: Fred Sington*, T

1934: Don Hutson, E; Bill Lee, T; Dixie Howell, B

1935: Riley Smith, B

1937: Leroy Monsky, G

1941: Holt Rast, E

1942: Joe Domnanovich, C

1945: Vaughn Mancha, C

1961: Billy Neighbors*, T

1962: Lee Roy Jordan*, C

1965: Paul Crane, C

1966: Ray Perkins, E; Cecil Dowdy*, T

1967: Dennis Homan, E; Bobby Johns, DB

1971: Johnny Musso, RB

1972: John Hannah*, G

1973: Buddy Brown, G

1974: Leroy Cook, DL; Woodrow Lowe, LB

1975: Leroy Cook*, DL

1977: Ozzie Newsome, WR

1978: Marty Lyons, DL

1979: Jim Bunch, OL

1980: E.J. Junior*, DL

1981: Tommy Wilcox, DB

1982: Mike Pitts, DL

1986: Cornelius Bennett*, LB

1988: Derrick Thomas*, LB

1989: Keith McCants*, LB

1990: Philip Doyle*, K

1992: Eric Curry, DL; John Copeland, DL

1993: David Palmer, KR; Antonio Langham*, DB

1996: Kevin Jackson*, DB

1999: Chris Samuels*, OL

2005: DeMeco Ryans, LB

2008: Andre Smith*, OL; Antoine Caldwell, C; Terrence Cody, DL

2009: Mike Johnson, OL; Mark Ingram*, RB; Terrence Cody, DL; Rolando McClain*, LB; Javier Arenas, DB

2011: Barrett Jones*, OL; Trent Richardson*, RB; Dont’a Hightower, LB; Mark Barron*, DB

2012: Barrett Jones, C; Chance Warmack*, OL; Dee Milliner*, DB; C.J. Mosley, LB

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University graduation today will include 11 from football team

The University of Alabama will host winter graduation today at Coleman Coliseum, and 11 players on this year’s Crimson Tide football team will receive their degrees.

The list includes Kenny Bell, Christopher Bonds, Quinton Dial, D.J. Fluker, Barrett Jones, Kevin Norwood, Chance Warmack, Ranzell Watkins, Jesse Williams, Kellen Williams and Nicholas Williams.

Six former players on the team will graduate, including Mark Holt, Kendall Kelly, James Lowery, Corey McCarron, Morgan Oglive and William Strickland.

Also graduating today is Ellery Thomas Schnell, great-great niece of legendary Alabama football coach Frank Thomas. She has a 4.0 grade point average in English and human development. Thomas coached Alabama’s great undefeated 1934 and 1945 undefeated teams that won the Rose Bowl. His statue is among the coaches honored in front of Bryant-Denny Stadium. He played for Knute Rockne at Notre Dame.

All-American Ashley Sledge of the gymnastics team will graduate today, along with two-time NCAA champion Geralen Stack-Eaton. Ben Eblen and Moussa Gueye of the men’s basketball team will also graduate today. All-SEC softball player Kendall Dawson will also take home a degree, along with baseball’s Jimmy Nelson.

Oliver Basse and Andrew Reeves of the swimming and diving team will graduate Saturday. Cross country and track & field graduates include Camilla Armstead, Elsbeth Denton, Nicholas Hayes, Kyle Hester, Brittany Hines, Carison Kemei and Jordan Myers.

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